Advance Biotech Alchemic CBD Oil for Smaller Beings 300mg

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Advance Biotech Alchemic CBD Oil is a 100% natural alchemic hemp extract containing 3% (300mg) CBD. Crafted from organically grown Cannabis Sativa L.

These oils are extracted by circulating organic 96% ethyl alcohol as a solvent within Advance Biotech's custom-built Soxhlet extractor, using a vacuum and rhythmic circulation to extract all the components from the plant. 

Within this vacuum, they can keep the vaporisation point of the alcohol at around 50°C which preserves and maintains many of the plant's heat-sensitive substances. Once the alcohol is evaporated they are left with a raw hemp extract. This is what they use to create various strengths of oils.

All of Advance Biotech's products are hand-crafted every step of the way and they ensure the best quality ingredients and materials are used.

All products within the Alchemic family are natural, organic, vegan-friendly and non-GMO.


MCT oil (coconut), Alchemic hemp extract (Cannabis sativa L.). 

100% natural product. Shake well before use. This Alchemic CBD has been extracted within a vacuum with organic alcohol using new & specialised technology.


Store in a cool dark place and shake well before use.


There is no exact dosage for CBD. We recommend 3 drops under the tongue twice a day as a starting point and adjust accordingly.